Burleigh Court Cotswolds Stroud

Burleigh Court Picnics

As takeaway or to be enjoyed in our grounds

Our Burleigh Picnic contain gorgeous produce from the local area and our own kitchen garden. Dishes are all freshly made on the day and you can choose between Afternoon Tea and a 3-course Lunch option.

Prices start from £10 per person for takeaway picnics and £12.50 to stay in our grounds.

All picnics will be boxed and bagged in disposable bags and containers. Bags will contain cutlery, hand-wipes and napkins. We do not offer hampers at this stage for health and safety reasons.

Picnics are available for collection Friday 4-6pm and Saturday 1-3pm. We’re also open on Father’s Day and collection is possible between 1-2pm. Father’s Day bookings are not available online so pls call us on +44(0)1453883804.

If you have booked to stay on site, you can sit anywhere you like (but apart from other guests) and stay until 7pm. Clean blankets are available to borrow from us.

Staying on-site terms & conditions

  1. The hotel and restaurant is closed and there is no access to the buildings and no toilet facilities.
  2. Government social distancing rules apply at all times and the maximum size of party per booking is 6 people.
  3. Our car park will be in use between 1-3pm and parking will NOT be available during these times. Off-site parking is available.
  4. We will provide clean picnic blankets but please bring your own equipment if you like. Disposable cutlery, hand wipes and napkins will be provided with the picnic bags and glasses with any purchase of beverages.
  5. You can bring your own hot and cold soft drinks. However, alcoholic beverages need to be purchased from Burleigh Court which can be done online in advance or on the day. 
  6. Please leave our lawn as tidy as you found it.

Make sure you select the picnics labelled ‘at Burleigh Court’.

Collection protocol for takeaway meals & picnics

  1. Please let us have your car number plate when you book for either Friday or Saturday afternoon collection.
  2. To get here, please put Burleigh Court Hotel into Google on your phone or GoogleMaps and ask for directions. Car SatNavs do sometimes struggle with our postcode.
  3. When you come onto our property, please drive up towards the collection table.
  4. We will be able to identify you by matching your number plate to you order.
  5. We will put your picnic order on the collection table for you to take away.
  6. If there is a small queue of cars please wait in lane and in your car until your are at the collection table and it is your time to receive your order.
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