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In 1984, a group of local eccentrics announced they were going to re-enact the Battle of Tewkesbury. It has grown to become the largest event of its kind in Europe. Many live in full Medieval style for the weekend and welcome visitors to the living history camps around the battlefield, King Edward’s camp on Windmill Hill, and Queen Margaret’s camp in Bloody Meadow. The re-enactors cook over open fires, fettle their armour ready for battle, weave, sew, play Medieval board games, whittle spoons, and a myriad of other things. In our large Medieval market you can buy anything from a full harness of armour or cooking range to a bottle of mead or a leather belt.

“Back then we thought we were doing well to have 100 fighters on each side. Now, around 2000 fighters, all authentically dressed and equipped, take to the field at Tewkesbury. Armour, made from old filing cabinets and any other scrap metal we could get hold of has been replaced by craftsman made, historically accurate armour.”

Peggy Clatworthy, Honorary President